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Indian Pond is a small lake located adjacent to Yellowstone Lake, northwest of Mary Bay near Storm Point. The pond exists in a crater formed from an extinct geyser or thermal pool. The lake's water sources include an underground spring, as well as hot springs on its southeast and northwest ends. A small stream leading to Yellowstone Lake on the lake's southwest corner provides an outlet for its water.

There's a pullout alongside the East Entrance Road, and one can often see a wide variety of fowl in the lake, and grizzly bears, moose, and bison can often be found in the area.

Indian Pond was the name originally given to this body of water in 1880 by then superintendent Philetus W. Norris; he'd given it this name because a number of Native American tribes set up encampments in the general area. According to park historian Lee Whittlesey, a superintendent in the 1920s renamed the pond Squaw Lake for unknown reasons.[1] A park place names committee restored its original name in 1981. Many maps still show either the "Squaw Lake" name or both names.

In 1923, Indian Lake was stocked with some 50,000 cutthroat trout, and additional plants were made in 1925, 1954, 1956, and 1958, to the tune of 4 million fish. Their descendants still inhabit the lake today.



  1. Though Whittlesey does not provide a name, Horace Albright was the only superintendent of the park throughout the 1920s, with the exception of Joseph Joffe in 1929. Therefore, this name change would have almost had to have been courtesy of Mr. Albright


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